You can activate the power of your subconscious mind through a CD featuring the soothing and professional hypnotic voice of Dr. Linda Joy Rose. This powerful CD is enhanced by original music that utilizes alpha and theta brain waves to guide you into a deep state of relaxation.

  1. Hypnotic Programming and Stress Relief
    Prepares you to enter the hypnotic state with induction, deepening
    techniques, relaxation, and cues to re-hypnotize easily.
  2. Glove Anesthesia
    Pain control through the power of your mind.
  3. The Garden of Beliefs
    Re-discover your unique gifts, life purpose, and mission for this lifetime while
    you take a soothing journey.
  4. Creating Your Safe Haven
    Create a mental space of pure safety where you are free to explore your
    potential, rehearse goals and work through blockages in a friendly
  5. Reprogramming the Data Base
    An indispensable technique for letting out of your outdated belief programs
    and nonproductive emotional data leaving your mind clear and receptive to
    fresh perspectives and winning behaviors.
  6. Discovering Your First Thought
    A vital exercise for uncovering the root of what may be blocking you from
    activating your mind's potential. Helps you release judgements, fears and
    resentments and promotes a new self and worldview.

Parallel Lives: Exploring Your Quantum Selves

Have you ever wondered how your life may have turned out if you had made different choices?

With this eloquently written and easy-to-grasp workbook, you can review and even recreate those choices! Dr. LindaJoy Rose explores the fascinating world of quantum mechanics, simultaneous time and holographic theory and parallel universes — and transmits this information in a way that is immediately applicable to your present life. An excellent handbook for professionals, it also is quite simple to follow the techniques on your own.

This spiral-bound 40-page manual will reveal the impact of your everyday choices on creating your own reality.

You can also order this book as a pdf file e-book and avoid shipping charges. Simpy send us an email to after placing your order. You will NOT be charged for shipping in spite of the computer-generated receipt.

To order online for just $14.95, click here.

Magical Natural Science

Unique tools designed by Dr. LindaJoy Rose empower children and adults to enrich their imaginations, de-stress, and overcome their fears.
The green fairy-themed line includes bath and body care products with exotic eco-essences and pure essential oils, healing balms, calming sprays, designer fairy wings, fairy jewelry, children's' items, Fairy Tea Parties™,and Fairy Goddess Gatherings&trade.

One-of-a-kind gift items that inspire the mind, body and soul’s unlimited possibilities. View online.

  • Mesmerizing MAGICAL qualities that appeal to your inner child and stimulate imagination, creativity and self-esteem;
  • Premium NATURAL ingredients like pure essential oils, exotic eco-essences, natural scents, and no alcohol, talc or synthetic fragrances;
  • Solid SCIENCE utilizing proven principles of aromatherapy, psychology, power of suggestion, chemistry and physics.

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