Certifications Offered


Linda Joy Rose, Ph.D. is an international expert on subconscious dynamics and the power of suggestion.

Spiritual Counseling Certification

International Hypnosis Federation
80 Hours Training


I. Basic Hypnotherapy - 15 hours self-study

Text: Your Mind: The Owner’s Manual, Linda Joy Rose, Ph.D.

Objective: Read through the entire text and respond to a series of essay questions, self-tests, exercises and assignments to give student a basic grasp of the hypnotherapy principles listed below. All assignments will be submitted via email to the instructor for personalized review and constructive feedback. Students will have a chance to deepen their understanding of this subject in classroom review and supervised practice sessions in Part IV of their training.

A. Operation and Structure of the Mind
B. Laws of the Mind and Rules of Suggestion
C. Representational Systems
D. Subconscious Dynamics
E. Hypnotic Induction
F. Stress Control and Behavioral Modification

Anticipated Learning Outcomes: Upon mastering these concepts the student should be able to induce a hypnotic state, and compose and design self-therapies and suggestions for creating healthy habits, overcoming stress and negative behaviors and enhancing their lifestyle. (“Walking our talk” is the first order of business for a Fairy Therapist!) Once a foundation has been laid, the student will become familiar with the widespread use of hypnotic techniques in a variety of alternative therapies.

II. Introduction to Astrology - 10 hours self-study

Text: The Inner Sky, Steven Forrest

Objective: Read through page 189 of the text and gain a rudimentary grasp of the foundations of natal chart interpretation. By using their own natal chart as a reference guide and learning tool, the student will examine a blueprint of their own "inner sky" to uncover the vast potential within a series of essay questions and assignments will challenge the student to learn the basic vocabulary of astrology so that interpreting their own chart from this context will provide a snapshot of their inward condition and unique set of challenges and growth opportunities.

All assignments will be submitted via email to the instructor for personalized review and constructive feedback. Students will have a chance to deepen their understanding of this science in a classroom review and natal chart interpretation group discussion in Part IV of their training.

A. Birthchart Basics (glyphs, horizons, ascendants, computations)
B. Astrological Symbols
C. The Dynamics of the 4 Elements
D. The 12 Signs
E. The 10 Planets
F. The 12 Houses
G. 5 "Quick & Easy" Steps to Natal Chart Interpretation

Anticipated Learning Outcomes: Studying one’s natal chart can generate a tremendous amount of self-knowledge and self-awareness. Upon mastering these basic astrological precepts, students should be able to gain insight into the potential strengths and challenges of clients by examining their charts. Having a basic astrological vocabulary and in particular, understanding the 4 elements, will facilitate the student’s understanding on the concept of “fairies as archetypes” which will be introduced in Part IV.

Part III - Quantum Mechanics - 5 hours self-study

Text: Parallel Lives Therapy Linda Joy Rose, Ph.D. ebook

Objective: Student will review several paradigms of quantum thought and be encouraged to do some deeper research through books or online searches. We will also provide website suggestions, books and supplemental materials. Commentary on self-application and feedback on the techniques and exercises presented in the e-book can be sent to the instructor for feedback.

Topics: A variety of thought-provoking theories including Bentov’s pendulum, the Holographic Universe, Simultaneous Time Theory and Multi-Dimensional States

Anticipated Learning Outcomes: In preparation for their journey into the magical world of fairies, the student has now found that there are scientific studies that support the notion that there is more “out there” than can be measured by current laboratory or quantitative measures.

Part IV - Entering the Fairy Realm - 20 hours of classroom instruction and experiential training

Objective: In the Learning portion of each day’s curriculum participants will have the opportunity to interact with their instructor and peers, experience supervised practice sessions, investigate the initial study topics in more depth through a series of teaching tools and therapeutic modalities.


  • Review of Basic Hypnotherapy (induction and suggestion)
  • Natal Chart Interpretation review Q & A
  • Group Induction for Creating the Safe Haven
  • Introduction to Jungian Archetypal Theory
  • Fairy Lore & Research - fairies as nature spirits, elementals, multi-dimensional beings
  • Fairy Code of Behavior - "fairy-like" behavior, living the "fairy-inspired" life, the Fairy Day Cycle, Elements and Wings
  • Inner Fairy Readings
  • Introduction to 22 Fairy Archetypes
  • Working with the Archetypes - altars/rituals/full moon
  • Fair-apy & the "Reflective Pause"
  • Bach Flower Essences
  • Introduction to raw and living foods - eating like the fairies
  • Magical Natural Science and The Fairy Line

Experiences: Each day will be balanced with an equal amount of playtime in keeping with the spirit of Fairies. Each participant will receive an invitation to attend a Fairy Tea Party™. As if they were a 10-year old guest to a special party, they will play all of the games, discover their secret fairy friend and receive a wonderful goody bag.

Additionally, each participant will attend a day-long Fairy Goddess Gathering. As the ideal way of learning how to facilitate these wonderful adventures of Fairies, Fun, Femininity and Friendship each student will attend a 4-hour Fairy Goddess Experience as a guest. Each student will be showered and empowered with gifts, blessings, natural and healthy tools to improve their lives and have an opportunity to see Fairy Therapy in action.

Anticipated Learning Outcomes: Certified Fairy Therapists can apply the knowledge from this course in a variety of ways: Healing Arts practitioners may utilize any of the course’s learning experiences or techniques as adjunct therapies. Those who have completed their certification may also facilitate Fairy Goddess Gatherings and Fairy Tea Parties.

They may also be named as chapter leaders of the Fairy Apprentice program and Fairy Girls Club. In the hands-on portion of this course, participants get the opportunity to experience Fairy Therapy directly through their five (6?) senses so that they understand the impact of the material on their future clients.

Part V - Living the Fairy-Inspired Life: Further Self Study and Practicum - 20 hours of self-study and applied practice

Objective: Students are given assignments and study materials to delve further into the nature of the 22 fairy archetypes including a further investigation into the “shadow” aspect of each of these fairy types. In these final study hours before certification students should be applying the principles of the “fairy-inspired life,” and reporting on the results.

Students will make sure that they are caught up with all of the required assignments to date. They will be required to perform 3 Inner Fairy Readings, 2 guided Fairy Archetypal Journeys and report on the results. They will also create one original "Fair-apy" that will be featured in an upcoming edition of the Fairy Line newsletter.

Anticipated Learning Outcomes: A review of all of the materials to date with self-assessment. An opportunity to apply their knowledge in a clinical way, report their findings and get valuable feedback.

Part VI - Selfless Service - 10 hours

Objective: In keeping with the motto of Fairy Therapy - "Just Do Good" and as a way of demonstrating their commitment and gratitude to the fairy realm and the world at large, each student is required to do at least 10 hours of community service at an organization of their choice.

These may include, but are not limited to: Community outreach programs, Neighborhood beautification; Recycling; Creating a community organic garden; Volunteering with a non-profit agency; Visiting and honoring our elders. Student should submit their plan for this section of the course in writing for approval before logging in these hours. Upon completion a brief summary of the experience will be the final written assignment.

Anticipated Learning Outcomes: There are always hidden gifts and blessings that arise from doing selfless service, even if only the satisfaction that you are “giving back” to the community and the fairies. More will be revealed as you continue on your path.

Materials Provided:

  • Text: Your Mind: The Owner's Manual
  • Ebook: Parallel Lives Therapy
  • CD: A Gathering of Fairies
  • All supplemental materials and handouts
  • All party favors, supplies, crafts and prizes for both the FTP and FGE
  • A sample kit of some of the fairy therapeutic products created by Fairy Line Naturals
  • Snacks and some meals during Part IV

Not Included:

  • Text: The Inner Sky
  • Transportation and Accommodations for Part IV hands-on training

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